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Hanok Guesthouse

On my recent trip to Seoul with my mother and sister we stayed in a traditional courtyard house. The only thing was, when we arrived, the landlady had seemingly mislaid our reservation and didn’t have a room for us. Flustered she went on the phone and called a friend. Luckily, that friend still had one room vacant and all was good. As a result, we spent the first night in one house and the second night in another. What could have ended up being very stressful was in a way a lucky accident. I was very interested in the architecture of these houses and got to see more houses intimately.


Toilet slippers leaning against the wall. Those are necessary because people shower basically in the middle of the bathroom and thus the floor is nearly always wet.


Family having breakfast.


The guest rooms either directly face the courtyard or branch of from corridors.


A view of the courtyard in the evening.


We slept on thin mattresses rolled out on the floor. Note the snickers on the blanket that was bought as an emergency midnight snack but of course did not survive more than a few minutes.


Entrance to a family room.

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