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Tainan at night

My journey took me further south, to Tainan. There I explored the city and went to see a night market. Those are kind of a big thing in Taiwan, with an atmosphere quite close to German festivals like Kirmes or Dult, the only difference being that you won’t find any rollercoasters. But then, night markets take place every week, some even every day.


Doing the dishes in the street.


A store for betel nuts. The lady who had been wrapping betel leaves around nuts just a moment ago leapt out of frame when I asked for a photo.


Food stall at a night market.


Shooting competition at a night market.


Spicy sausages at a night market.


  1. Annemarie Engler says

    Mmh, das sieht fein aus!
    Was sind wohl Rollercoasters?
    Kirmes oder Dult kenne ich auch nicht! Ich wohne in der Schweiz!


  2. Annemarie Engler says

    Düsseldorfer Kirmes: Grösste Kirmes am Rhein 2016


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