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A world of green

The visit of my mother and sister was a good occasion to see Tōfuku-ji, a zen temple in the southeast of Kyoto. It was founded in the 13th century and was rebuilt many times after that. You see, it burned down quite frequently, as buildings tend to do in Japan.


Raindrops are clinging to the tips of the needles of a tree in the garden of one of the dozens of sub temples belonging to Tōfuku-ji.


This stone garden surrounded by shrubs and trees is a part of Reiun-in, a sub temple of Tofuku-ji.


The gardens of Tōfuku-ji are celebrated. Many of them were renovated by a chap called Shigemori Mirei, a famous garden architect of the 20th century.


Another view of the garden of Reiun-in.


The garden of Reiun-in is called the “Nine Mountains and Eight Seas”, I believe. It seems we are looking at a mountain and some of the seas here.


Sitting down on the tatami mats and contemplating the view.


A covered bridge in the treetops leads visitors over a gorge.


The main gate of Tōfuku-ji, the oldest of its kind in Japan.


The main hall of the temple features a ceiling painting of a dragon. I like dragons.


This moss garden was created by Shigemori Mirei as well. To be honest, it didn’t quite make sense to me but somehow it’s nice.



  1. 風華 says

    Ahhhh the Tofu Temple, my absolute favourite! :) Gorgeous pictures as always!


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