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Tokyo Metropolitan Government building

This building houses the government of the Tokyo Metropolis, home to 13 million people. It was built by Kenzo Tange, apparently both inspired by the patterns of computer chips and the shapes of gothic cathedrals. Make of that what you will but I like the result a lot. It’s funny to me how this building looks much more like a typical cathedral than the actual cathedral he built. Also nice are the viewing platforms located in both towers from which one has a grand view over the city.


Standing at the foot of the Metropolitan Government building and feeling its might.



View onto the green lung that is Meiji shrine and Yoyogi park.



The towers of Park Hyatt hotel, which prominently features in the movie Lost in Translation.



Cityscape with Tokyo Skytree barely visible in the distance.


  1. Viktor says

    Simon, thank you for this post. I had completely forgotten about this building, but now I remember going there and enjoying myself.

    It is satisfying to see municipal architecture that competes with the banks and hotels that make up so much of the best skylines. Not just in size, but in sheer high-concept, over-the-top ambition. It is just so brazen and outrageous, city hall in the guise of a cathedral! You couldn’t make it up.

    I love it even more now thanks to your photos.


  2. Thank you for this. I am really glad you like what I do. I love the point you make and fully agree. It’s always interesting to hear your thoughts.


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