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From time to time I end up in Tokyo. One weekend in July I was invited to come along with dear friends visiting from Germany and we spent a lovely weekend exploring the greatest city in the world.

We stayed in Kabukichō, an area of Shinjuku which is traditionally one of the seediest areas in Tokyo. Apparently it is now being cleaned up for when the Olympics come into town in 2020. After all, you wouldn’t want the tourists be ripped off when they frequent the strip bars and hand job places, would you.

Kabukichō is also filled with love hotels, were lovers go to spend a few not so quiet hours. Most offer a rest, which is for a few hours, and a stay option, which is for the whole night. Even respectable hotels such as ours offer a rest.

Apparently, Shinjuku’s gay neighborhood is really famous in Japan. When I mentioned to my colleagues in passing that I had visited Shinjuku Nichōme they made big eyes.


View from my room




Gojira, i.e. Gozilla


Same spot at night


At the lower left, the red gate marking the entrance to Kabukichō.



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