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Kobe’s historic quarters

Kobe is an old port town and as such had more contact to foreigners than most other places in Japan. Many historic residences of foreigners are still standing (in the district Kitano) and can be visited. Well, they are not that historic. Mostly, they are about hundred years old. Visiting these houses is apparently very popular among Japanese tourists but less so among foreigners. I didn’t care!  All these houses belonged to either a person of a certain nationality, were once used as consulates, or served similar purposes. There was a German house, a Dutch house, and so on. Frankly, I have forgotten which was which, and cannot be bothered to look it up! I hope you find them charming nonetheless.

Ok, I relent. I did a quick research and refreshed my memory. The red house at the top and directly below is the German house, or as it is also commonly known, the Weathercock house. The best one by far, in my opinion, was the Dutch house, which was fully furnished and a delight to explore. Apparently, there is also a Swiss house somewhere, but I only found out about that as I was writing this. Now I know that it is a restaurant and that they have cheese fondue. If only I had known that!


The German house


The American House


No important house


The Dutch house


The living room of the Dutch house


A bedroom in the Dutch house


A dreamy bathroom in the Dutch house


Decoration in front of, clearly, the Dutch house


Maybe the American house again


As a palate cleanser, a really ugly house


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