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Preparations for Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. It takes place over the whole of July in downtown Kyoto and nearly every day some ceremony or parade takes place. It is also one of the few occasions where Geishas perform in public spaces. The centerpiece of the Gion Matsuri is the parade on July 17. On the weekend before that, in many neighborhoods of downtown Kyoto the locals were assembling floats for the big parade in the streets. These Yamaboko are rebuilt every year. For the construction neither nails or screws are needed, rather, the pieces slot into each other and are fixed with strong ropes. The structures are then decorated with carpets and often, a cabin and rooftop are put on top. Many of them are topped off with a tree or so. They end up being huge.






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  1. annemarieengler says

    Beim ersten Bild dachte ich sofort wieder an die Schiffe im Hafen von Hamburg, die ich im Juni bestaunen konnte.

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