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Itsukushima 1

When you go to Hiroshima, you also go to Itsukushima. They say that this island belongs to the three best views in Japan. More specifically, what is meant is the view on to the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But more on that shrine later.

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Very entertaining are the tame deer that are frolicking around the beach promenade. They are generally quite friendly and are happy to be petted. Many signs discourage people from sharing their food with the animals, but apparently are not able to discourage the deer from demanding food. If necessary they will even use a little bit of force. A friend from Hiroshima had told me proudly that the deer of Itsukushima are so much nicer than their counterparts in Nara and won’t bite the tourists. So you can guess how gleeful I was when I was able to take a picture of just such an act!

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