Hiroshima 4


In the evening we decided to have oysters, Hiroshima’s second famous dish. Well, I have to be honest here. I didn’t eat oysters. I have tried many times but I cannot. Still, my buddy was happy to eat them alone while I kept to more boring food.

We were sure that we wanted to go dancing afterwards but we didn’t know where the best clubs were. So my buddy turned around and asked the girls seated at the table behind us. They showed us on our little tourist map where to go. We asked them if they wanted to come along but they had made other plans already.

When we arrived where they had told us to go, we became a little bit confused. Even after wandering down a few streets, we just couldn’t find a club. Everything that looked remotely like a club turned out to be either a brothel or a soapland (People nominally go there to get washed and scrubbed by a young lady but I am told that there are also further options).

DSC_0064 DSC_0065

I was ready to give up but my friend wasn’t having any of that. He had decided that this evening would be a success. So he turned around again and asked another group of girls. At first they couldn’t understand what we wanted but then they could. They said that they knew about a nice party that their friend had organized and that they were leaving but that we should totally go. They told us that it was a costume party. To be honest, I was fairly suspicious. Then their friend showed up and also insisted that we should come. So we did!

We entered a nearby house, went up a flight of stairs and there was the party. He dragged us in, got us two beers at the open bar, and then we entered the main hall. And it got totally crazy. Apparently, it was very unexpected for two foreigners to just show up at this party, because everyone cheered and wanted to say hello. Never in my life have I had more attention. So we talked to people, got our photos taken, and danced.


DSC_0066 DSC_0070

Much too early the evening was over. In Japan it’s not uncommon that a club will close its doors at 1am. Before throwing us out they gave us the mic and we had to say a few words. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what I said but I’m sure it wasn’t very interesting. Then we took a group photo and we were out. My friend had been right, the evening turned out to be a success.




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