Hiroshima 1

Some time ago I went to Hiroshima over the weekend with a friend of mine. We stayed in a lovely Japanese inn, had some fantastic food and did lots of other stuff.

At the train station in Kyoto I was astonished to see that the Shinkansen, the ultrafast bullet train, leaves for Tokyo every 5 min or so. Here, missing your train really loses its meaning.

DSC_0001 DSC_0009 DSC_0010


Above you see the lovely inn we stayed in.

One of the dishes that Hiroshima is famous for is Okonomiyaki. It is typically described as a Japanese pancake but that doesn’t really give you an understanding. Maybe a comparison to a tortilla is more apt. On a steel hot plate the chef grills cabbage, noodles, meats, and seafood, and combines them with some pancake batter into a package of delicious. The whole thing is rounded off with lots a Worcestershire Sauce and whatever else you choose. I chose spring onions.

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