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A Japanese name for me

One of my buddies at work, a master student, decided that I should have a proper Japanese name. The idea is to find Kanji that combined roughly sound like my name but still have a nice meaning. So he sat down and thought about all the Kanji pronounced sai and mon and tried to find the most interesting combination. The blandest possible combination was 西門, which means west gate. After much hard work (the mon part was especially difficult) he came up with:

彩 sai: Colorful, Makeup, Paint.

紋 mon: Emblem, Seal.

When you put 彩紋 into Google, you find that it is actually a (rare, I think) Japanese family name and a common translation for Simon. It all made sense and so he called me 彩紋. Don’t ask me to write that by hand, though.

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