Receipts at the canteen give you detailed information about the nutritional content of your meal. Let’s see if you can find the number of kilocalories I ate.

2015-01-06 14.02.35

Additionally, the receipt calculates how well your meal matches some benchmark. Essentially, they want you to choose your food items in such a way that the red (赤), green (緑) and yellow (黄) numbers match the recommended values for your sex (male 男 and female 女). I think, red counts protein, green counts vegetables, and yellow is for carbohydrate sources. So, you can easily see that I am not eating healthy, at least according to Japanese standards. Additionally, I have just discovered that I ate 3.0g of salt (塩) just in this one meal, and I didn’t even have any Ramen. This seems crazy to me.

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  1. Ramen ist so etwas wie eine sehr herzhafte Nudelsuppe und ist bekannt dafür sehr salzig zu sein. Gib den Begriff doch mal bei Google ein, dann bekommst du viele Bilder davon zu sehen.


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