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She already knew what I wanted

I just had to buy a train ticket for a trip to Tokyo next weekend. When the saleslady gave me the ticket, she explained, “You have a window seat.” I asked “Is it on Fuji’s side?”, implying that I wanted to be able to see Mount Fuji from my seat when we’d be passing it. “Of course”, she said.

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  1. The side that is not on the Mount Fuji side ceases to exist.

    Except for the people who aren’t going past Mount Fuji. The other side exists for them.

    But if you’re going past Mount Fuji, there is no other side. Unless, of course, the train is too full. But then you’re either on the sad side, or there is no Mount Fuji, and thus no other side.

    So for everyone going past Mount Fuji, the two sides do not exist independently.

    (Logic? What logic?)


  2. Okay, that one thought was backwards, making even less sense: I meant to say, “You’re either on the sad side or there is no other side, and thus no Mount Fuji.”

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  3. So complicated! I will make it easier for you! The sun had already set when I went past Fuji, so no one was on Fuji’s side according to your argument.


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