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My new apartment

Please take a look at my new and lovely apartment in the heart of Kyoto. 30 square meters of pure elegance, luxury and understatement.

You will be pleased to see that this apartment, like all modern apartments in Japan really, has again a fully sealable shower room fit for any water splashing and squirting events.

The apartment consists of two rooms separated by a series of sliding doors which can be completely stored away. The bed room has a whole wall of wardrobes to satisfy all storing needs.

If these shots seem too sterile to you, too devoid of life, and if you suspect that I moved all of my crap out of the way to imply that I live a life of peace and order, then yes, you are right. Anyway, I expect that I will soon find more interesting furniture and some pictures for the walls. I was also thinking, a couch for the kitchen perhaps?

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  1. It is comfy!

    But I should have more furniture. When I get internet by the end of this month, the modem will be really close to my Futon and this will look ridiculous if I cannot hide it somehow.

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  2. How about a plastic obelisk? Or, ooh, a gigantic stuffed tiger!! It would be all nice and cuddly when the earthquakes make it fall over onto you in your sleep.


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