On the bus II

Just now, I was sitting on the bus which was waiting at a stop light. I was looking around idly when another bus pulled up next to us. I looked over and saw an old guy relaxing in the last row, reading porn manga.

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  1. …Maybe it was just a porn scene?
    Or not. To be fair, when I’m on a bus, a train or a tram, I don’t really expect anyone to be able to see what I’m reading from another vehicle. Even though I know it’s possible. :P


  2. Not deliberately, but haven’t you ever been reading something not porny in public when suddenly there was a graphic sex scene? I generally just keep reading unless I have a reason to think someone might notice.


  3. Yes, but how should I phrase this…? The way the comic looked I could tell that the porn parts were its main purpose. I think, in manga you can very clearly tell if that’s the case or not. I can elaborate if necessary, but maybe in a private email :) (I have not read any porn manga, of course. I have heard this from a friend.)


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