Cheese Paradise

I stumbled on a cheese paradise at the Takashimaya department store. I had just wanted to take a short look through the food section when it hit me: Bottom row from left to right is Gruyère (10 months old), Gruyère (no age given), Emmentaler, and Raclette. (Amateurs; the Emmentaler homeopathically contaminates the whole row) Top left is Vacherin Fribourgois! Together with the Gruyère this allows me to make a proper cheese fondue in the style of my forefathers: moitié-moitié! Even the price is not that bad. At a fifty-fifty mixture and accounting for typical Schnyder portions, this amounts to about 13 Euro per person.

And would you look at that crispy bread!

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  1. Yes, but the cheese is the main part anyway. You would need some wine, bread, garlic, starch and that’s basically it. Maybe a bit of salad for guests with a weak stomach.

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