River Takase

Kyoto is a city of rivers. Therefore it is of grave importance that I explore all of them. To start, I had a walk along the Takase, a charming canal running through Downtown Kyoto.

I read somewhere that at the peak of its relevance the Takase was an important route of transportation and over 100 boats shipped goods from Osaka to Kyoto. Nowadays, it is where the youth meets in the evening and where one can have lovely strolls in the afternoon. As I am not a youth anymore, I chose strolling over meeting.

In Japan, it is not only important to watch cherry blossoms in spring but also colorful leaves in autumn. I had expected to see only bare trees in late December but, luckily, I was wrong. A few trees were still in their glorious coats and were happy to be my models.

At one point I saw a crane heron (thanks, Conny!). I was able to approach it quite closely before it got startled and flew away.

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