Deciphering washing machine buttons

I spent a good part of the last hour translating the button labels on my washing machine and have come pretty far. One button is giving me a headache, though. Its label reads 念入り, which can mean careful, scrupulous, conscientious or thorough. I get why this word would have these meanings but I cannot decide whether this means that my clothing will get washed intensively or really gently. What makes it even more interesting is that the internet also seems undecided. Some tutorials claim it will be a “gentle wash”, others speak of an “intensive rinse”. Well, which one is it? Before I solve this riddle, I better stay with 標準 for now, standard.

P.S. I just figured out why there is no temperature setting on these damn machines. Apparently, the standard way of washing here is with cold water. Well this explains why my clothes didn’t really get clean the first time I was here. I should have caught on to this earlier!

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  1. To answer the question a month too late, it seems to be a more intense wash. Not gentle. But I had to Google that, and found a message board with confused people (Japanese people. So you’re not alone in that confuzzlement).


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