Helsinki ➞ Kansai International Airport

Last Friday afternoon, after thoroughly enjoying Helsinki, it was time to board the plane again. You’d think that I’d eventually tire of making photos of airplane wings, but you would be mistaken. There was not much to photograph during the night, but when we were approaching Japan, the skies cleared for a little while and I was able to see my new home for the first time.

Kansai International Airport was built on an artificial island. Apparently it’s currently sinking at a rate of about 5 cm per year but is supposed to stop some time soon. I read somewhere that it is sinking faster than originally projected but I cannot find that information anymore. So, if all goes according to plan, it will not actually become submerged. Well, unless the ocean levels were to rise dramatically.

The terminal building was built by Renzo Piano and is really lovely. I did not take any pictures of it because I didn’t want to make any mistakes during immigration and needed my full concentration for that. Perhaps on my next flight.

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  1. Is that your screen on the plane? Looks really fancy compared to Lufthansa…

    It may be for the best that you couldn’t take pictures. I don’t know how picky they are at that airport, but I’ve gotten in trouble in some airports just for having my mobile phone (which has no photo-taking capabilities) out on the mere off chance that I might take pictures.

    I love these flying shots, too. I think I may be obsessed with flight.


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