On picking airplane menus wisely

When checking in for my flight from Helsinki to Osaka I had a look at the possible choices for the on-flight meal. I thought I might try Asian vegetarian instead of the standard vegetarian choice, seemingly with the only difference being that the former would not contain eggs.

However, as it turns out, Asian vegetarian (also called Hindu vegetarian) will lead to you getting served a special meal specifically prepared for you with two types of curry and some lovely rice with a selection of toasted nuts instead of spaghetti with pesto.

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  1. Ohhhhh….yeah, my aunt told me all about the confusion of different types of vegetarianism in planes, since it’s given her a lot of confusion. It basically uses the “traditional” Hindu ingredients, apparently, which would include additional restrictions like no onions or garlic.


  2. Annemarie says

    Mmh, dieses Menü war sicher sehr fein! Macht Appetit bereits beim Lesen.

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